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Along the south-western coast of Sardinia, just over 30 kilometres from Sant’Antioco, lie the dunes of Porto Pino. Set out like a small desert of soft and fine white sand, it one of the most wonderful places in the whole region, if not indeed in the whole of Italy.

Stretching around 4km, this beach offers an enchanting landscape that is divided into three different sections: the first section of the beach is around 600 metres long, the second section is around 2km long and is characterised by a breath-taking contrast of fine white sand and the deep blue hues of the sea and, finally, the third section of the beach named “the dunes” offers a kilometre of soft, sandy hills sometimes reaching 30 metres in height as they are shaped by the winds, gently changing profile every day.

At the top on the dunes appear shrubs of Mediterranean vegetation where centuries-old juniper and sea lilies grow, adding to the extraordinary scenery. The soft, white sand is accompanied by a crystalline sea full of differing shades of blue as the seabed slopes gently towards the open sea, making the beach eminently suitable for families with small children.

The transparency of the water and the beautiful seabed make it an idea destination for snorkelling and underwater fishing enthusiasts, whilst the windy conditions also make it a popular haven for surfers. The dunes are also an ideal spot to admire a breath-taking sunset.

There are multiple refreshment kiosks and rental points for bathing equipment. Unfortunately, this part of the beach is only accessible to visitors in the summer as it is used by the military during the rest of the year. Be sure to bring your camera as you will not want to miss out on capturing this heavenly place!

The beach is set in surroundings of incredible natural beauty. Alongside this oasis lies the pond of Is Brebeis, frequented during the summer by a large number of migratory birds that include pink flamingos, kingfishers and egrets. The lagoon area then extends northwards to the ponds of Maestrale, Porto Pino, Corvo and Foxi.

The dunes of Porto Pino are part of the territory of Teulada. Along this stretch of coast you will also find other magnificent beaches such as Cala Zafferano, which is also included in the military area and can be reached only by boat; Porto Tramatzu, characterised by its perfect white sand and deep blue sea; and Tuerredda, so magical that it gives the Caribbean beaches a run for their money!

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